Trade & Customs

We offer a complete range of contentious and non-contentious trade remedies/WTO and international trade services, including hands on advice and representation of Thai and foreign clients in antidumping investigations and other trade remedy actions, advice on rules of origin, duty refunds and other customs law matters. Our lawyers and analysts have extensive experiences in virtually every type of trade remedies and non-trade remedy trade issues.

In order to protect our clients' best interests in trade remedy investigations initiated by foreign governments, we usually cooperate with our preferred foreign legal advisers in the countries in which our clients are subject to investigations. The foreign legal advisers in our exclusive network are highly experienced and recognized trade experts in their jurisdictions. In our experience, we have found that this collaborative approach to client advocacy is conducive to successful outcome for the clients. To date, we have cooperated successfully with legal advisers and/or trade experts in the United States, the European Union, China, India, Brazil, Taiwan, South Korea, Canada, Japan, Australia and Indonesia. Subject to confidentiality and our clients' requirements, we can provide a list of the trade remedy investigations that our firm and/or our lawyers have been involved in, either in foreign government investigations or investigations by Thai government, upon request.

Our representative works:

> Representing foreign and Thai clients in more than 100 antidumping and safeguard investigations initiated by investigating authorities in virtually every major jurisdictions including the United States, The European Union, Canada, China, Brazil, India and Thailand.

> Representing Thai domestic industries (steel, textile, chemical and automotive parts) in antidumping and trade remedy actions filed against imports and advising the industries on strategy, action plan and implementations of the import relief measures.

> Advising, monitoring, reporting and representing clients on the relevant government activities, latest legislation and trends in Thailand and other ASEAN countries, including on such issues as tariff restructuring, free trade agreements and non-tariff measures such as product standards.

> Advising on lobbying strategy on behalf of industries vis-á-vis senior-level government officials on matters such as free trade agreements, interested parties’ issues in antidumping investigations and Thai industries’ interests in foreign trade remedy proceedings.

> Analyzing and advising on the Thai and ASEAN rules of origin in connection with the substantial transformation issues for products and raw materials imported from neighboring countries.